THE BATT( tennis court drying device)


 The Batt Towel really worked great this past week at Colorado High School 3A Girls Tennis Regionals. The courts were soaked the night before with rain storm. We got out the squeegee and the coaches started rolling. I had brought our team Batt Towel and quickly got to work. Dried 3 courts in record time, much faster than the rollers. Great product!

Diana Cordova Eliott, Tennis Coach, Basalt High School, CO

Update on the BATT.  We got our cabinets built since we are on public courts.  Still owe you a picture of what we did to store the BATTS.  We are now in our rainy season and we had chances to use the BATTs when the courts were not soaked.  We needed to spread puddles, etc.  The BATTs worked great!  We have several USTA teams using them as well.  You can add us to your list of customers!

Rich, Rohnert Park Tennis Club



"We had rain just about every day during the Citi Open (ATP professional tournament) and the BATTs came in very handy!  Since we have 3-5 courts that we are attempting to dry simultaneously after a rain delay we are stretched thin so it is handy to have a few BATTs available rather than lining up 12 people with squeegees.  We are very pleased with the product!" 8/2017

Jason Percival, Director of Operations, Citi Open Professional Tennis Tournament, Wash. DC

"During the ACC Men's and Women's Tennis Championship at the Rome Tennis Center at Berry College we had to fight off a day of rain and prepare 52 courts, twice! Thank goodness for our sixteen BATTs! It really helped to quicken the process!" 5/2017

Tom Daglis, Executive Director, Rome Tennis Center at Berry College, Rome, GA

"At Peachtree Station we threw all the rollers away the day we got our BATT. It is easy to use and works great. We bought one and tried it and bought 3 more. It's fantastic!" 4/2017

Paul Bartholomai, Tennis Director, Peachtree Station, Atlanta, GA

"I have been using the BATT a lot in the past 2 weeks. This past weekend we had a USTA Junior Tournament and were using a 12 hard court facility. We had snow on Sunday morning until 11:00 am. While others in NC cancelled their Sunday play, I started using the BATT at 11:00 am and by 2:00 pm we had all 10 out of 12 courts dry and ready to play. Instead of having to cancel the 2nd day of the tournament, we were able to play 51 matches between 2-9 pm and finish. I was a little skeptical at first but I wanted to give it a try.  After this weekend, we are 100% sold and ambassadors of the BATT. My referee was helping dry courts with a blower and was amazed that right after the BATT passed over a puddle, the court started to steam with the sun out and dry within minutes. The BATT was not the only thing we used to get the courts dry but we definitely would have had to cancel the tournament without it. Thanks and best of luck selling BATTs all across the South!" 3/2017

Todd Upchurch, USPTA Elite Professional, Regional Vice-President, USPTA Southern Division, Director; Serve It UP Tennis Academy

" The BATT Towel is Fantastic! It does a much better job getting in the small birdbaths that a roller cannot. It also does a great job of removing the last layer of moisture off the court when there is no sun or wind. I am ordering two more BATTs!!!  3/2017

Dave Dvorak, Director of Tennis, Dunwoody Country Club, Atlanta, GA

 "We love the Batt! After using the Batt I was convinced that water didn't stand a chance! The Batt not only destroyed the puddles but also dried the court in about 15 minutes. Forget about squeegees, the Batt is all you need from now on. After a few rainy days our members have requested that we purchase more Batts for our club. I have placed an order for three more Batts!"

Luis Reis, Director of Tennis, Salinas Sports Complex, Salinas CA

"The shipment arrived last week, thanks so much for the larger Forever Towels, that's very thoughtful!  I delivered the BATTS and the Forever Towels to the coach and they were used for the first time yesterday.  The coach said they were fantastic!!!  I will bet that the other schools that come to our courts will ask about the BATT.  We are in the wet Northwest and drying outdoor courts is a must.  Thanks again!"   

Emma Brown,  WA

"The BATT is fantastic!  Great idea and great function!  So much more efficient and effective than a squeegee for large puddles and when the court is completely soaked!"

Josh Zinn, Head Tennis Professional, Southern Village, Chapel Hill NC

"The Batt is a far superior product than the traditional squeegee per its water absorbing capacity!  Good product!  Works well for us!! "

Marc Blouin, Director of Tennis, Augusta Country Club, Augusta GA

"The Batt towel is by far the best way to dry a tennis court!  Its ease of use and ability to absorb low lying puddles is beyond what a normal squeegee can do!"

Dave Hagymas, MIT Men's Tennis Coach, Boston, MA

"Finally someone invented a better mouse trap for court drying! The BATT is easy to use and it works quickly to dry puddles on the court!  Another big advantage is it's ability to work in the low spots on a court. It is well designed providing greater durability than rollers. It's a valuable solution for clubs and schools!"

Larry Karageanes USPTA, PTR, Director of Club & Resort Tennis Services

"The BATT towel is a revolutionary solution to the age old tennis court puddle problem. One pass through with the BATT magically soaks up standing water and dramatically spreads out the puddle reducing dry time. Any hard court tennis facility is well served adding a BATT to their maintenance needs!"

Jay Lapidus,  Director, Duke University mens and women's tennis team, Durham, NC

"We have used the BATT to towel up water on the hard courts and it seems to be a significant improvement over the squeegees that we have been using. I think this is a great product and I hope to see it on the market soon."

Gary Tabor, Maintenance Manager (15 years), Hollow Rock Racquet & Swim Club, Durham NC

"The BATT is a great new innovation in tennis court drying, which hasn't seen any significant improvement in 30 years. We saw the benefits of this product especially when the courts are half dry and half wet. The BIG ABSORBENT TENNIS TOWEL helps get matches back on the courts quicker than tradition roller squeegees and will be a part of our facility from now on. Thank you BATT!"

David Bell, Tennis Program Director, City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, NC

"The kids love dragging the BATT behind them and sweeping away their own courts. It is a fun and exciting new invention that really spreads the surface of the water onto the dry spots which incredibly increases the speed and rate that the court dries. I love it,  having the foam squeegee attachment on it makes it so easy to use and significantly moves water across the court. Even if it gets to the point of saturation, you can continue to drag it along. The conventional squeegee just gets to that point where you are just putting more water and more water onto the court."

Matthew Nicholson, Head Junior Professional, Hollow Rock Racquet & Swim Club, Durham N.C.

"The Batt is all we use at our club, it gets you playing in minutes.  Another advantage is it works by pulling instead of pushing which is easier on your back than rollers!"

Justin Yeo, USPTA Coach for 28 years, Tennis Australia Junior Development Coach

"We have been using the "Battowel" at Croasdaile Country Club, Durham NC for several months and the Battowel is easy and convenient to use. The typical Rol-dri's that we use on the hard courts to dry them after a rain must be kept directly out of the sun to keep from cracking and drying out, whereas the Battowel can be kept directly attached to the fence (in the direct sun) and there are no issues with it cracking or drying out. So much easier to use than the Rol-dri because it is attached to a rope and you just drag it along the court and it soaks up the water very quickly. We have also used the Forever Towel on our clay courts to dry up some of the lingering low spots. It works so much better than using towels which become heavy and soaked with clay. The clay does not stick to the Forever Towel and dries very quickly!"

Rebecca Laughton, USPTA, Director of Tennis, Croasdaile Country Club, NC

"We love the BATT, great invention!  Invoice me for the one and I will order another come spring!" 

Alan Rader, Manager, Chapel Hill Tennis Club. NC

"We love our Battowel!  It is easy to use and dries the court extremely fast.  This is much easier than the rollers we use to have at our facility!"

Megan Boss. General Manager, Park Terrace Swim and Tennis Club, Sacramento, CA