THE BATT( tennis court drying device)


3/1/2019 Battowel is now shipping our products to over 200 countries. Contact us at for shipment pricing in your area.

7/2/17  Citi Open Washington DC buys four Batts to help dry courts during its professional tournament.

6/20/17 Cincinnati Oh,   Western and Southern Open (professional tournament) buys 6 Batts to help during the U.S. Open Series

6/2017  Just got the Winston-Salem Open professional tennis tournament to buy six Battowels for their upcoming event before the US Open in August!

5/2017  Recently the Batt's got a good work out at the ACC Mens and Womens tennis tournament in Rome Ga.  Helped get their 52 court facility back in action!!


Occasionally the pad may roll over as you start to use the BATT.  Make sure the pad is firmly snapped to the PVC pipe and as the pad becomes wet the roll over will stop.  A dry Batt with a totally saturated court creates a lot of pull, so as the Batt material gets wet there is less resistance and the pad (squeegee) will move across the court nicely.



Check out the video below from one of our new BATT users from Sacramento, CA!



We are very excited about the new improvement to the BATT. We are adding a foam pad that snaps on the front to more efficiently spread the puddles before being absorbed. Now the BATT can take on the biggest and deepest puddles with no problem!


BATT saved the day at the Duke University Tennis Camp!