THE BATT( tennis court drying device)


How does it dry a tennis court?
The BATT works by spreading and absorbing water on a hard court after a rain when the court is beginning to dry. The  high density, foam squeegee pushes and spreads the water and the microfiber panels (made from non-woven plastic), absorbs the water and pulls it across the court drying the surface very quickly. You will feel some resistance as the material “grabs” the water much like a giant suction cup. A big advantage of this patented microfiber is that it continues to work even when wet. Just drag the BATT from the  wet to the dry part of the court,  YOU NEVER NEED TO WRING IT OUT REGARDLESS OF HOW SATURATED THE PANELS GET!! The more you use it the more you will see just how "great" a job it does. You can either pull the BATT yourself or hook it to a golf cart or bike making it easy to dry multiple courts in a row.

How does it compare to rollers and squeegees?
If you are a Teaching Pro, Camp Director, Coach,  Facility Manager, or recreational player you know courts that are unplayable means lost revenue and time, along with unhappy tennis players! As determined as you might be to get the players back out on the court, there are probably some challenges with the products you are currently using to dry the courts. Whether it be the foam roller pads that have gone bad, rollers that can't get into the low spots, or handles and attachments that break on your squeegees, the BATT is a big improvement. The BATT covers more surface area and creates a playable surface almost immediately.  It is made from a more durable material than the rollers and squeegees, keeping future replacement and repair cost down( currently ours have lasted 3 yrs without replacement). It is also one of the only drying products that can be used while being attached to a golf cart. Maintenance crews love this feature and it speeds up the drying process! The BATT requires little to no upkeep, other than hanging it to dry. The best part yet, the BATT will dry with no smells, mold, or mildew!

What is the size?
The BATT is approximately 5 feet by 2 feet. There are 8 layers of material to spread and absorb the water. The 54"  high- density polyethylene squeegee snaps quickly and easily onto the front of the Batt. The rope is braided polyester that is 22' in total length, keeping the BATT in close contact with the court during the pulling process. This size allows for and easy pull and efficient court coverage .

What if there are “birdbaths” or trouble spots on the court?
A big advantage of the BATT is the ability to work in low spots and “birdbaths” that often occur on hard courts. The material is flexible and has the ability to spread and absorb the water from these low areas on the court. The BATT is the solution for the frustrating problems that occur with rollers and squeegees not being able to work in these areas.

When is the best time to use the BATT?
The BATT is most efficient when the court is beginning to dry having some wet and some dry areas. Even if the BATT is completely saturated, it still works great. Just move from wet to dry and the BATT will "reset" and continue to absorb and spread the puddles till you are finished. YOU NEVER NEED TO WRING IT!!! The BATT works great with small to medium size puddles and  the foam squeegee attachment engages the large puddles and can move the water over a long distance getting the drying process on its way. Courts that have a lot of surface debris (leaves, sticks, etc.) reduces the efficiency because the microfiber panels are unable to grab the water as well. Also as the outside temperatures start to decline into the 30's and 40's the efficiency of court drying decreases as well.  Due to natures physical properties of entropy, as temperatures decrease so do absorption and surface tension.  This decreases the ability to spread water over a surface and to evaporate and dry the courts.  So be more patient wilh using your Batt in these conditions.


What is the material?
The BATT is a patented eco-friendly material with these qualities:

Absorbs 400% its weight in water
Light weight even when wet but very strong
Dries very quickly
Mold and mildew resistant
Tear proof
No fiber release

BATT squeegee is engineered from a high density polyethylene foam making it ideal for water removal and durability

How should the BATT be stored?
The BATT can easily be placed on the fence and hang from the two hooks attached to the products rope. It dries very quickly, looks professional, and is in a convenient spot for the next time. Unlike a roller, it can be placed in the BATT carrying tote bag for easy transport in your car.

How long does the Batt last?

We have been using the BATT for over three years and still have not had to replace the product. The outer microfiber panel will show signs of wear but this does not change how well it will absorb and spread water. Eventually the outer panel will get thin. This is a good time to take one of the inner panels and place it over the existing outer panel creating basically a brand new Batt! This can be done three different times making it last for many seasons. See under the "BATT" heading at the top of the page and click "changing panels" to watch a  video with instructions on how this is done.  The durability also depends on how many courts you are drying and quantity of Batts your facility is using, texture of your hard courts ( some are very abrasive), and how often your area gets rain.

Can you tell which side used 10 minutes with the BATT Towel?

Can you tell which side used 10 minutes with the BATT Towel?