THE BATT( tennis court drying device)


The Forever Towel

The Forever Towel is made out of the same microfiber material that makes the BATT so successful. This is an excellent alternative to the cotton towels that are commonly used to dry clay courts after a rain or watering. 

Listed below are some facts about this product:

  • Soaks up extra water on clay court surfaces, absorbing up to 400x its weight
  • Light weight, even when wet
  • Minimal wear and tear
  • Easy to clean with a hose or machine washable (lasts over 60 washes!)  
  • Dries quickly which allows you to use it multiple times a day
  • Zero mold or mildew, you never have to throw them away!
  • Leaves the clay on the court not on the towel
  • Great for drying cars, boats, and cleaning up spills
Nasty cotton towels after drying clay courts

Nasty cotton towels after drying clay courts